Business Technology Analyst - Deloitte Consulting

Working with one of the largest American pharmaceutical giant to devise and develop different healthcare solutions for the Healthcare ecosystem in the USA.

Bangalore, India

Jul 20 - Present

Software Engineer - S20.AI

Developed a early warning detection system as an initiative during the COVID-19 pandemic to monitor workplaces through IP cameras measuring physical distancing followed by people and face mask detection to the establish safety at the premise. Deployed the proof of concept at different Delhivery warehouse locations with more than 100 monitoring cameras to ensure safety compliances.

Worked on a distributed Machine Learning technique called Federated Learning developing framework for distributed file sharing using IPFS and Searchable Encryption. Federated Learning is an approach which enables modeling and training on the large corpus of decentralised data, decoupling the need to do machine learning by storing the user data in the cloud with the rise of many privacy regulations like GDPR.

Bangalore, India

Dec 19 - Jun 20

Software Engineer - Rivi

Worked on a travel ecommerce iOS application called Rivi that helps to plan a user's trip based on the personalized user experience by the Natural Language Conversations with the Rivi chatbot.

Bangalore, India

Sep 19 - Nov 19

Machine Learning Engineer - Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO)

Worked with the Scientific Analysis Group (SAG) to develop the Spoken Language Identification system using Deep Learning to classify the various languages spoken by different ethnic groups in India 🇮🇳 using Pytorch and Librosa

Delhi, India

May 2019 - Jun 2019

Software Developer - Vicara

Worked on a VR controller device called the Kai creating the SDK and the hardware firmware upgradation software for iOS platform that simulates actions performed by the hand gestures to control the virtual environment. Helped the startup in raising $57,814 through a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo selling over a 1000 devices

Bangalore, India

Aug 18 - Feb 19

iOS Application Developer - Win-Kel LLC

Worked on the e-commerce iOS mobile application that aims to provide affordable rental storage solutions in major cities across The United States of America and improved the user experience by improving the user interface, fixing bugs and enhancing the performance.

Seattle, Washington, USA

Jan 18 - Feb 18

Summer Research Intern - Ernst and Young LLP

Researched on the Blockchain technology and its impact on the Telecom Industry in the future by analyzing future opportunities in the technology that could be generated and prototyped a cryptocurrency wallet application based on the Blockchain test network provided by BlockCypher API

Gurgaon, India

May 17 - Jul 17


Bachelors of Technology - Vellore Institute of Technology

Computer Science and Engineering

Computer Science and Engineering student awarded with the Special Achiever's award by the University Chancellor for exceptional performance at International and National competitions like HackHarvard 2018, Facebook F8, Microsoft Ignite 2019 with the recognition at the University Day 2019.

Represented India amongst the 12 teams from 20 different countries across the Asia Pacific region at the International edition of Microsoft Imagine Cup 2019 after successfully winning amongst 28000 students across globe in Sydney, Australia 🇦🇺

Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India

2016 - 2020

High School - Delhi Public School Mathura Road

Mathematics and Computer Science

Being a member of the Environment Council, organised various inter and intra school environment festivals to spread the importance of the Indian culture/ heritage and awareness about the various environmental phenomenons like climatic change and global warming. Created documentary short films related to climate change, animal cruelty and Indian culture for the non-profit organisations like Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH)

New Delhi, India

2002 - 2016

Organisations and Chapters

Technical Mentor - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Mentored undergraduate students in the field of Machine Learning by conducting workshops, sessions and hackathons (Techloop+ sessions, NASA SpaceApps Challenge 2017, Machine Learning workshop 2018 at the graVITas 2017 with 200 registered participants). Organized IEEE Techloop Conference in partnership with the IEEE R10 organization with an agenda to discuss about the Blockchain and recent advancements in the field of Artificial Intelligence with delegates representing various IEEE sections across the Indian subcontinent. Represented the university at the All India IEEE Computer Society and Young Professionals Congress 2017

Led the team of application developers to create several mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms like the IEEE Students Portal, IEEE Component Bank, Evento and Space Apps Challenge Vellore 2017. Developed a chatbot called Lexie based on the Word2Vec skip gram model for an online cryptic hunt named Enigma which had 900 participants from 10 countries.

Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India

Jan 17 - Nov 19

Technical Lead - Microsoft Student Technical Community (MSTC)

Conducted workshops on the various topics of Data Science using Python to encourage undergraduate students to develop an understanding about Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

Represented India at the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2019 Asia Regional Finals in Sydney, Australia competing with 28000 students from 20 different countries. Invited by Microsoft at the Microsoft Ignite 2019 - The Tour as a presenter at the International Convention Centre to present the idea to IT Professionals and Developers from around the globe.

Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India

Jan 18 - Sep 19