Hi! I'm Saransh Mittal

I am a passionate Computer Science and Engineering student exploring new technologies to develop solutions for the complex problems being faced by the current human generation in the world. I love to share my ideas and views about them with the world so that if possible, the next generation could get inspired and follow their passion for science.


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Developer Conference

Facebook F8

The annual conference of Facebook showcases their new technologies and projects the tech giant is working on in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with other technologies such as AR/VR. I was invited by Facebook to their headquarters in Menlo Park, California to learn and get mentorship from the experienced people of the Silicon Valley.

Developer Conference

Microsoft Ignite 2019

Microsoft Ignite is an annual conference for developers and IT professionals hosted by Microsoft. Microsoft sponsored my team to present our Microsoft Imagine Cup 2019 idea at the conference infront of more than 6000+ industry experts who attended the conference from around the globe at Sydney, Australia

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Worldwide Developer Competition

Microsoft Imagine Cup 2019 Asia Finals

We were selected to represent India and compete with 12 teams from different countries in the Asian Continent amongst 28000 students from 200 different countries held in Sydney, Australia in February 2019 after being declared as the winner at the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2019 Indian Nationals. Imagine Cup is an annual competition sponsored and hosted by Microsoft Corp. which brings together student developers worldwide to help resolve some of the world's toughest challenges. It is considered as "Olympics of Technology" by computer science and engineering and is considered one of the top competitions and awards related to technology and software design.

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HackHarvard 2018

HackHarvard is an annual conference and Hackathon organised by the student organisation of Harvard University, Boston. After getting selected from more than 6000 applicants for the annual conference at Harvard University, Boston. We were amongst the top finalists to create a prototype of our idea about Augmented Reality to grocery stores. We competed with students from numerous prestigious universities from the United States

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All India IEEE Computer Society Student & Young Professional Congress 2017

The IEEE Computer Society's annual national conference was held at SSN College of Engineering with delegates representing different IEEE sections from different states in India. The three day conference started with the discussions about the latest trends in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain and ended with a networking sessions with delegates from different parts of Indian subcontinent. Represented IEEE VIT SB and Vellore Institute of Technology at the All India IEEE Computer Society Student and Young Professionals Congress 2017.

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Essential Projects and Concepts

Proof of Concepts

Project #1 (Oct 2018 – Jan 2019)

SPOT - AR based retail store application

Millions of people get affected by allergic reactions like anaphylaxis by consuming food products that lead to life-threatening medical emergencies. SPOT helps the consumer to select and compare the right food products in the grocery stores using Augmented Reality by taking advantage of Machine Learning to filter and suggest the best item based on 12 different criteria like low-calorie food, food with no caffeine, food with no ingredients they might be allergic etc.

My team was selected by Microsoft from 28000 students to represent India to compete with 12 teams from 20 different countries in the Asia Pacific region at the International Convention Centre in Sydney, Australia after being declared as the winner at the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2019 India Nationals. We were given the opportunity to present our idea to 6000+ Entrepreneurs and Developers from all over the world at the Microsoft Ignite 2019 after successfully competing with 6000 undergraduate students at the HackHarvard 2018 Hackathon organised by the student council of Harvard University, Boston. The idea was appreciated by the senior managers of Microsoft and titled it as a "Billion Dollar Idea" that has the potential to create a very new industry in the field of Augmented Reality. We were featured by various international media publications including NDTV, Times Now, News18, Business Standard and New Indian Express.

Project #2 (Oct 2017 – Apr 2018)

Epione - Disease Early Warning and Detection System

Proof of concept about an idea to create a platform for the World Health Organisation to prevent epidemic outbreak of deadly diseases by creating a real-time early warning detection system based on a blockchain network to prevent disease outburst in rural parts of the African and Asian countries to save countless human lives by spontaneously providing humanitarian medical aid.

Won the 1st position at the Code2Create 2018 Hackathon organised by Association of Computing Machinery for creating a prototype about the idea and the Best Business Model Award at the Devfest 2017 Hackathon for the exceptional conceptualisation of the idea organised by the Google Developers Group.

Developed a early warning detection system as an initiative during the COVID-19 pandemic to monitor workplaces through IP cameras measuring physical distancing followed by people and face mask detection to the establish safety at the premise. Deployed the proof of concept at different Delhivery warehouse locations with more than 100 monitoring cameras to ensure safety compliances.

Passion in Life

Music is like a dream that motivates me every other day to live them


I am passionate about music and love to play guitar as a hobby

"Music is like a dream. One that cannot be heard. When it hits you, you feel no pain."

I started to develop my passion about music since early childhood. I used to perform and play synthesizer during my middle school. As I was progressing in life the technological advancement inspired and motivated me to develop and ideate about new concepts using different technologies. During this period the way I used to see the world changed drastically but my love for music didn't. Finally I joined an undergraduate college to study Computer Science and Engineering and now I am a passionate human looking for excuses to perform.

More about my thoughts

I love to explore new ways and things I can be passionate about

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‘If you believe in something, life will help you achieve your dreams.‘ Saransh Mittal ( @saranshmittal_98 ) a person with huge experience as an international participant and great skills to support, talks about how VIT helped him reach to where he is today: " It has been 3 years since I started the journey of engineering as a developer. It was the first day at VIT as a fresher and the orientation was going on. The wise words by the chancellor left a mark about the amazing concept of Hackathons and coding constantly for hours to create solutions to challenging problems. This summer I was invited by @facebook to Menlo Park, California to visit their campus for Facebook F8. I was fortunate enough to meet Facebook engineers and Mr. Mark Zuckerberg. VIT supports its students in such endeavors and generously offered to sponsor my trip.This is how precious VIT is for all of its students. Last year marked a period when I attended my first international Hackathon ( @hackharvardcollege ) at Harvard University, Boston when I stepped out to experience the world where people are working constantly to make our lives better. There were more than 6000 applicants. The judges from Microsoft loved my team's idea about the concept of AR for Grocery Shopping. Eventually we ended up with a new journey to the Microsoft Imagine Cup ( @microsoftimaginecup ) 2019. More than 28000 students from 20 countries in Asia applied and we were amongst the 12 finalists at the world championship that was held at Sydney, Australia. VIT has this amazing student culture of chapters where the best developers from around the campus are recruited and these are some of the students who are the best in the field to which they belong. Whether it a designer making design concepts, a researcher, presenter or a developer. Every person has some unique trait which I found after coming to VIT. Now I am working with some of the engineers at @oculus in San Jose to develop the application for their platform." Inspired? Join us at VIT Hack and start your journey. #vit #university #india #international #global #vithack2019 #hack #hackathons #hackathon2019 #september #development #application #startup

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